I’ll let you in on a secret. The most effective means to boost your productivity, regardless of the job, is to streamline. I know it seems too easy to be true, however, it works. When you streamline a task or a process, you invest much less time finding out what to do and exactly how to do it and can now concentrate solely on getting it done.

Let’s consider several instances from both work and home to see how this simplification principle applies. While they might or might not apply to you, they will provide you with a pretty good idea of exactly how streamlining can assist you in all areas of your life and conserve your time.

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Decluttering your work desk and cutting down on what you permit back on it, is a wonderful first step to take at the workplace. Take every little thing off your work desk. Then decide what you require there. Go for a tidy, uncluttered look. Toss what you don’t need and find a new, different space for things you required to keep close but do not utilized frequently. As an example, maintain your note pad as well as a pen in the work desk cabinet. File all completed paperwork in your document’s cabinet immediately.

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Given that we’re on the topic of paperwork, that’s another terrific area where you can streamline both at the workplace and in your home. Review all paperwork to see what is still, what can be archived and what can be shredded. For your bills at home consider signing up for online billing moving to paperless statements. You can do online payment from anywhere at any time on your phone or other mobile devices. It will certainly be much quicker than sending out a check in the mail monthly.

At the workplace, make a proposal to your supervisors about the benefits of changing to paperless delivery wherever feasible. This will cut costs and improve productivity providing tremendous benefits to your employer, improve the company’s bottom line while being socially conscious.

Find ways to say no at the workplace to things that would distract you from completing your current tasks. It is not always possible but does what you can to concentrate on your core workload as well as responsibilities.

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At home, consider de-cluttering and simplifying all locations of your residence one area at a time. You’ll spend less time cleaning and looking for things. For instance, by de-cluttering your living-room, you can wind up investing 40% less time moving things around before vacuuming and cleaning. Over time that amounts to numerous extra hours to do something you delight in rather than cleaning messy racks.