While there are a lot of factors that contribute to success, a good success formula is applicable to everyone, regardless of the goal. Here are the 4 essentials that contribute largely to success.

Goal Setting

Success is not a two-step formula wherein you simply work then get rewarded. Usually, success will be a rough road because you are going against the prescribed way of life. Moving from where you are now to where you want to be can take a few years; that is why it’s important that you have short term and long term goals ahead of you. Don’t try to achieve everything in one leap, for you have lessons to learn on your journey to success. You will inevitably fail, but you should still keep your eyes on the prize. You can start goal setting by writing a to-do list as well as a don’t-do list. If you can keep up with the small things, it’s more likely that you can follow your plans and short term goals.


Passion is the catalyst for success. If you don’t feel passionate about what you’re doing, your performance will be at the bare minimum. Passionate people lead. They do more than what is expected of them. They are confident about the value of their beliefs and their ability to pave the way. Passionate people are successful because they know their purpose. They don’t strive for perfection but they continue to act until their goals are realized. Your passion will also reflect on your identity. Money, a usual indicator for success, just flows along. Are you excited about what you’re doing? If not, you’re not passionate.


Service has a lot to do with success. Do you know the problems that are needs to be addressed? No matter how goal-oriented and passionate you are, if you cannot translate your actions into something that will benefit people, then your success will be limited or non-existent. Widen your awareness. Read the current trends about the industry you’re interested in. Know more about your customers and their culture. Don’t just focus on the things or events that you want to see. Don’t shun those that make you uncomfortable. You could perhaps derive a solution that will fit your passions well. In addition, be aware of your abilities and shortcomings. How will you work and position yourself given your strengths and weaknesses?


All your beliefs and ideals cannot be executed well if your health is not at its best. In a world where achieving so much within a short timeframe appears outstanding, it’s easy to sacrifice health. Manage your priorities well so you can get enough sleep. Sleep is, in fact, an underestimated ingredient for success. At first, not getting enough sleep won’t immediately directly affect your performance, but gradually, you’ll notice how sleep deprivation contributes to poor memory and communication, slow reaction time, mood swings, and fatigue. Studies also show that sleep-deprived people feel more pessimistic and depressed than those who are well-rested. If your sleep is always restricted to 4 hours every night, a 30-minute nap time in the middle of the day will help recharge you.