The ancient sages stated the origin of all learning was “Know Thyself.”  Today, many are discovering that the road to self-improvement begins with finding your purpose.  It is said that each of us exist for a unique reason, for that special contribution that you and only you can make to the world.

Unfortunately, not everyone has taken the time to unearth their unique purpose and place in this world.  It still cannot be denied that knowing just what your purpose is can lead you to the greatest version of yourself.   For those who have made the investment in self their reward comes in the form of being able to answer “Why am I here?” and living each day powerfully as a result.

Finding your purpose would enable you to live a life filled with meaning, and enjoy the sense of fulfillment that comes with it. Those who have found their purpose find life easier to live because there is greater meaning in things – including the challenges they encounter and the beautiful experiences.

As you begin to awaken to your purpose, you will come to understand the reason why those who has achieved success are known for their perseverance.  When you do not have clarity on what’s important in your life, it’s easy for your foundation and direction to weaken.  Let’s face it, if you do not have a strong commitment to your goals: which is directly reinforced by your purpose it is easy to jump ship at the first sign of rough waters.  Once you start putting your energy into the realization of your purpose, you will soon start to notice the increase sense of value in yourself.



If you have found your purpose, you will have a mentality that will enable you to overcome obstacles easier. This is not to say that finding your purpose will make you unrealistically optimistic. People who have found their purpose have faith – not exclusively in a supreme being, but in themselves, or in the universe. They are also able to see things the way they truly are, which means that they can manage their emotions better and will not allow problems to leave them in despair. De-stressing is now a pivotal part of their skillset enabling them to identify and nullify false stress triggers.  This will allow calmer and freer thoughts to flow.


Studies show that having a sense of purpose is directly related to one’s health. A study conducted in 2009 established that those who have a remarkable sense of purpose tend to live longer than those who do not. A study in 2008 also found that an undeveloped sense of purpose is also associated with early death in Japanese men. A study conducted by a neuropsychologist in Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago also found that those with a low sense of purpose are more than twice as likely to acquire Alzheimer’s when compared to those with a sense of purpose. A stronger sense of purpose has also been linked to better pain management. Of course, all these could be related to the fact that those who have a strong sense of purpose tend to manage stress better. After all, chronic stress is related to a range of medical conditions.


Passion is that one thing that makes you wake up excited for what the day has to offer. It amplifies every aspect of your life and can drive you to do great things. Unfortunately, many people today are at a loss as to what their passion is, so they live their life merely trudging along, as opposed to truly living. Finding your purpose would unlock your passion because it would uncover the rawest version of yourself and drive you to realize   what it is that fires you up.


A lot of people waste their life and energy on things that do not truly matter. They work hard to payoff bills, save for retirement, for their children’s education, and for things that absolutely has to be taken care of. The problem is that’s not really living. There is more to life than surviving and a lot of people realize that, which is why they are miserable. Without finding your purpose, you will find all the toiling meaningless. However, when you do find your purpose, you will realize that your job is merely a tool to support your purpose and that you can still live a wonderful life.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to quit your day job just to pursue your purpose. Finding your purpose does not mean leaving everything behind and going on a pilgrimage. It is about making the most of what you have – be that family, friends, or a career in order to support yourself in the achievement of your purpose.


This is one of the best things about discovering your purpose. People who have a purpose know when not to take things too seriously. They have liberated themselves from the usual worries of everyday life. They understand their purpose and remain focused even with the pressure of unreasonable expectations. They enjoy life without even actively seeking out fun.


Just because people who have found their purpose do not let others’ expectations get to them does not mean that they have no goals. They do; they just know exactly the extent of their capabilities, and they know that they should focus their time, skills, resources, and energy on their purpose. They can make better decisions because they are guided by their purpose. They are more likely to achieve success because of that high level of focus and their enhanced decision making capabilities.



Those who have found their purpose tend to have better relationships. They have uncovered what they should be spending their time on, and most of the time, that includes their loved ones and their communities. They also tend to have a better connection with colleagues and neighbors. They are also more equipped to handle relationships.


There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t start on the journey of finding your purpose in life. Even having a busy schedule is not an excuse. The most productive people usually have a full schedule and are always opened to new challenges. When you understand the importance of not only discovering your purpose but also living it, you become clear on life making it much more enjoyable.