“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” is an oft-repeated philosophy by Zig Ziglar.  This philosophy of being extremely helpful is consistently demonstrated in the life of growth-minded people.

This should be a regular practice you incorporate into your daily routine.  You probably help family members and close friends instinctively.  In business, a little extra effort to be of service to your clients can really make a difference for the client and your business.

I am not just speaking about helping clients to choose the right product or service.  I am speaking about being helpful to the person who is not a client looking for a product or service not offered by your business.  You can suggest other businesses they can contact.  Make it a habit to offer helpful suggestions or advice to existing clients or anyone you come into contact with to solve their problem.

As a business owner, you can be of service by nurturing relationships with anyone who has connected with you.  A weekly or monthly newsletter can accomplish this goal.  This provides you with an opportunity to share valuable information like the arrival of new products, specials, industry news or even do a customer spotlight.

A Facebook fan page is another excellent option loved by lots of people.  This provides your business with an opportunity to post helpful comments for your clients.  It also acts as an outlet for clients to give honest feedback, ask questions and interact with each other.  Social media does take time and works best when there is a strategy in place providing numerous benefits to your clients.

It’s a good idea to connect with other local business owners including some of your clients who may have their own business to better identify how you can be of service.  You may want to create a regular meet up, mastermind or networking to see how as a collective you can best promote or refer each other.

Take a few minutes right now to evaluate if you are truly being of service to others in your life.  Be honest with yourself about the effort being put forth.  If you know you can do more, decide what are some small steps you can do immediately to start serving others at a higher level.

As a business owner you should make it a habit of offering more value to your clients than is expected.  Clients will appreciate you going the extra step to provide them with an excellent experience.  Try to recall an experience when someone else when above and beyond to serve you.  Remember how you felt? Do you remember the person who served you? How would you describe them?  I guaranteed both parties benefited tremendously, and that’s the feeling you would like clients to have after being served by you.