The Greatest Trick to Increasing Efficiency? Simplify

The Greatest Trick to Increasing Efficiency? Simplify

I’ll let you in on a secret. The most effective means to boost your productivity, regardless of the job, is to streamline. I know it seems too easy to be true, however, it works. When you streamline a task or a process, you invest much less time finding out what to do and exactly how to do it and can now concentrate solely on getting it done.

Let’s consider several instances from both work and home to see how this simplification principle applies. While they might or might not apply to you, they will provide you with a pretty good idea of exactly how streamlining can assist you in all areas of your life and conserve your time.

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Decluttering your work desk and cutting down on what you permit back on it, is a wonderful first step to take at the workplace. Take every little thing off your work desk. Then decide what you require there. Go for a tidy, uncluttered look. Toss what you don’t need and find a new, different space for things you required to keep close but do not utilized frequently. As an example, maintain your note pad as well as a pen in the work desk cabinet. File all completed paperwork in your document’s cabinet immediately.

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Given that we’re on the topic of paperwork, that’s another terrific area where you can streamline both at the workplace and in your home. Review all paperwork to see what is still, what can be archived and what can be shredded. For your bills at home consider signing up for online billing moving to paperless statements. You can do online payment from anywhere at any time on your phone or other mobile devices. It will certainly be much quicker than sending out a check in the mail monthly.

At the workplace, make a proposal to your supervisors about the benefits of changing to paperless delivery wherever feasible. This will cut costs and improve productivity providing tremendous benefits to your employer, improve the company’s bottom line while being socially conscious.

Find ways to say no at the workplace to things that would distract you from completing your current tasks. It is not always possible but does what you can to concentrate on your core workload as well as responsibilities.

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At home, consider de-cluttering and simplifying all locations of your residence one area at a time. You’ll spend less time cleaning and looking for things. For instance, by de-cluttering your living-room, you can wind up investing 40% less time moving things around before vacuuming and cleaning. Over time that amounts to numerous extra hours to do something you delight in rather than cleaning messy racks.

How Can You be of Service to Others?

How Can You be of Service to Others?

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” is an oft-repeated philosophy by Zig Ziglar.  This philosophy of being extremely helpful is consistently demonstrated in the life of growth-minded people.

This should be a regular practice you incorporate into your daily routine.  You probably help family members and close friends instinctively.  In business, a little extra effort to be of service to your clients can really make a difference for the client and your business.

I am not just speaking about helping clients to choose the right product or service.  I am speaking about being helpful to the person who is not a client looking for a product or service not offered by your business.  You can suggest other businesses they can contact.  Make it a habit to offer helpful suggestions or advice to existing clients or anyone you come into contact with to solve their problem.

As a business owner, you can be of service by nurturing relationships with anyone who has connected with you.  A weekly or monthly newsletter can accomplish this goal.  This provides you with an opportunity to share valuable information like the arrival of new products, specials, industry news or even do a customer spotlight.

A Facebook fan page is another excellent option loved by lots of people.  This provides your business with an opportunity to post helpful comments for your clients.  It also acts as an outlet for clients to give honest feedback, ask questions and interact with each other.  Social media does take time and works best when there is a strategy in place providing numerous benefits to your clients.

It’s a good idea to connect with other local business owners including some of your clients who may have their own business to better identify how you can be of service.  You may want to create a regular meet up, mastermind or networking to see how as a collective you can best promote or refer each other.

Take a few minutes right now to evaluate if you are truly being of service to others in your life.  Be honest with yourself about the effort being put forth.  If you know you can do more, decide what are some small steps you can do immediately to start serving others at a higher level.

As a business owner you should make it a habit of offering more value to your clients than is expected.  Clients will appreciate you going the extra step to provide them with an excellent experience.  Try to recall an experience when someone else when above and beyond to serve you.  Remember how you felt? Do you remember the person who served you? How would you describe them?  I guaranteed both parties benefited tremendously, and that’s the feeling you would like clients to have after being served by you.

Cultivating a Positive Attitude

Cultivating a Positive Attitude

Your Mindset Creates Your Destiny

An undeniable truth is that everyone wants to be happy. Now, let me ask you these important questions: Are you truly happy with your life? Have you achieved your set goals and are you living the life that you really want to? If your answer is “NO” to any of these questions, you need to ask yourself “why”. It could be that your attitude is to blame.

People with a positive attitude often get more out of life. They are optimistic and know that things will work out in the end. Positive People don’t let challenges discourage them. They are also quick to recover, happy, love to socialize and enjoy better odds of being successful in their ventures.

Now that you know some of the benefits of having a positive attitude, another thing you need to know is that you can have this outlook on life as well. All you have to do is start to develop a positive attitude. It really is so easy to think negatively about a situation and blame someone else for your current undesirable situation. But come to think of it; is it not time for you to take responsibility, develop a better attitude and start living your dreams?

The next time you walk into a room full of people, make a conscious effort to observe the different groups of people. You will discover that energetic and successful people mingle together, while people who tend to complain about little things and blame others for their predicament also congregate.

Think about this for a second; which group would you prefer to be in?

It is said that success breeds success and this applies to the trait of being positive as well. If you surround yourself with people who see things positively and take responsibility for whatever situation they find themselves, this view will rub off on you as well.

There is nothing wrong with having dreams, desires, and goals and there is no reason why you can’t achieve them. If you have decided to make positive changes in your life, the first step you need to take is to choose one area of your life that you want to improve.

Once you have chosen an area to improve, look for ways to take action on it. A typical illustration of this scenario is someone wanting to lose weight. A positive person will not view themselves as starving or feeling deprived of food. Instead, they will understand that they are making efforts and sacrifices to improve their health as well as their overall lifestyle.

One good way to start thinking more positively is by reading quotes and affirmations. Find a couple of inspiring quotes that really resonate with you, and ensure you use them every day. Say them out loud every morning and write them down. You can also pin them somewhere you will often read them.

When you repeat these quotes either consciously or not, the inspiring words in them will stick in your head and you will start to act and feel positive. Do this on a regular basis and before you know it, your attitude will change for the better.

The Picture of Success

Success is a word that appeals to everyone. It is defined by the dictionary as an outcome that is favorable or desired. But what accurately defines success? Is it wealth? Social status? Power? Health? Family? Physical pleasures? Here is a question that is in the hearts and minds of many people, young and old alike: Will you ever achieve true and lasting success?

Marlon Wayans says that “Success is not a destination. It is the road that you are on.” This means that success more than getting something by working hard towards it until you get there. He continues, “Being successful means that you are working hard and walking your walk every day.” More than a destination, the picture of success is right where you are. It is about living your dream.


On Possessions, Financial Gain or Wealth

A lot of people believe that money is the key to everything. They deem that one is considered successful when he or she is making a lot of money or when they own a lot of material things. Does this mean that the world’s tycoons and wealthy celebrities are the most successful people on the planet? If your net worth is only $10,000, does it mean you are not successful?

You need to understand that while wealth may give you a comfortable life, it does not always guarantee happiness, peace of mind and security. If you are not a good steward, riches may be a temporary pleasure.

Moreover, reaching financial success is not always as easy as it sounds. Obtaining and maintaining wealth is a tough job. For example, you may be an investor and find that your stock investments climb up in price one day only to have them plummet down the next. More often than not, possessing material things do not satisfy your craving for pleasure but rather boosts it all the more. The more you have, the more you want and the desire never stops. It is much like technology – there is always a new thing and the previous one becomes outdated or obsolete. If you consider possessions as success, then you will always find yourself running after it to gain it. It will be a never-ending journey that has no finish line.


On Status, Power and Pleasures

In a world where people are in a rat race to climb up the corporate ladder at the expense of others, status, power and position become top goals. Does reaching the top make you successful? The feeling of superiority – through the possession of intellectual prowess – is also seen as a measure of success. However, knowledge can puff up and become a vanity if it is not used properly. Still, other people measure success in terms of fulfilling physical pleasures. Substance abuse, sexual licentiousness and other physical stimulations are being sought after because people equate these things with status which is relevant to success.


Truest Definition of Success

The truest definition of success is happiness. One can be rich and popular, but if he is not happy and enjoying himself, then he is not successful. There is no point in having all the money in the world and being the most well-known individual if you cannot take pleasure in what you possess. On the other hand, if one is lacking but he is content, joyful and enjoying himself, then he is a picture of success.

Business success and position does not guarantee happiness. If you have a lot of money in your bank account and you also have a lot of sicknesses in your body, then you cannot be considered successful. Some people regard themselves as successful when they get a husband or a wife. You need to understand that success is not measured by getting a trophy spouse. It is not about status or fame. When you pursue people, it is about building relationships and making them last.

One important thing to consider is that a person is more likely to become rich when he is happy with what he is presently doing. This means that you are living life and not simply surviving. You are thinking about your happiness and everything you do is towards that goal. You can be rich yet miserable and poor yet happy.


Passion and Purpose

When you use the natural resources and the gifts and talents that you possess to your full advantage, then you are the picture of success. If, on the other hand, you use your possessions to make you happy, then you will find that life is not lived in vain and you are not grasping at the winds. Your goal should be to gain wealth and use it to enjoy life. Possessions will produce nothing of lasting value if it is not used right. But if you use it to leave a legacy, then your life is not meaningless. A lot of businesses start with this goal in mind: to make a difference. They make products that will make people’s lives better and make the world a better place. But along the way, they lose their sense of purpose and just focus on capitalism and financial gain. One of the measures of success is serving to give. Success can be defined as finding the satisfaction of giving more than what you gain. If you are doing something that makes you happy, chances are great that you will excel more and earn more. Passion is a fuel to determination. And determination is a vital key to success.


What Does It Take To Get Rich

Everyone wants to be rich and happy. A good way to get on the road to riches is starting from a position of being happy. Be happy with who you are, what you have, what you are doing and why you are doing something.  The secret to success lies in continuing to grow in every area of your life – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial.

If you are working towards possessing money, status and pleasures so that you will be called successful, then something will always be missing.

For instance, you can make a lot of money with your job and enjoy a lot of perks. You can be at the top of the corporate ladder and have no time for your family. You may spend long hours at work and earn huge paychecks only to find that you have lost your loved ones. Other people may look at you and say you are the picture of success, but you may be empty inside because you do not have meaningful relationships.

Or it can be that you are enjoying a high-paying job as an executive but deep in your heart you know that it is your burning passion to teach children. You can stay in your job but go home feeling tired, miserable and empty or you can quit it and pursue your heart’s desire and feel more fulfilled.

Success can be measured by the happiness you gain in doing what you are supposed to do rather than pursuing what people think you should do. The choice may not be as lucrative or as popular, but you will never lose when you follow your heart.

Why Is It Important to Find Your Purpose?

Why Is It Important to Find Your Purpose?

The ancient sages stated the origin of all learning was “Know Thyself.”  Today, many are discovering that the road to self-improvement begins with finding your purpose.  It is said that each of us exist for a unique reason, for that special contribution that you and only you can make to the world.

Unfortunately, not everyone has taken the time to unearth their unique purpose and place in this world.  It still cannot be denied that knowing just what your purpose is can lead you to the greatest version of yourself.   For those who have made the investment in self their reward comes in the form of being able to answer “Why am I here?” and living each day powerfully as a result.

Finding your purpose would enable you to live a life filled with meaning, and enjoy the sense of fulfillment that comes with it. Those who have found their purpose find life easier to live because there is greater meaning in things – including the challenges they encounter and the beautiful experiences.

As you begin to awaken to your purpose, you will come to understand the reason why those who has achieved success are known for their perseverance.  When you do not have clarity on what’s important in your life, it’s easy for your foundation and direction to weaken.  Let’s face it, if you do not have a strong commitment to your goals: which is directly reinforced by your purpose it is easy to jump ship at the first sign of rough waters.  Once you start putting your energy into the realization of your purpose, you will soon start to notice the increase sense of value in yourself.



If you have found your purpose, you will have a mentality that will enable you to overcome obstacles easier. This is not to say that finding your purpose will make you unrealistically optimistic. People who have found their purpose have faith – not exclusively in a supreme being, but in themselves, or in the universe. They are also able to see things the way they truly are, which means that they can manage their emotions better and will not allow problems to leave them in despair. De-stressing is now a pivotal part of their skillset enabling them to identify and nullify false stress triggers.  This will allow calmer and freer thoughts to flow.


Studies show that having a sense of purpose is directly related to one’s health. A study conducted in 2009 established that those who have a remarkable sense of purpose tend to live longer than those who do not. A study in 2008 also found that an undeveloped sense of purpose is also associated with early death in Japanese men. A study conducted by a neuropsychologist in Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago also found that those with a low sense of purpose are more than twice as likely to acquire Alzheimer’s when compared to those with a sense of purpose. A stronger sense of purpose has also been linked to better pain management. Of course, all these could be related to the fact that those who have a strong sense of purpose tend to manage stress better. After all, chronic stress is related to a range of medical conditions.


Passion is that one thing that makes you wake up excited for what the day has to offer. It amplifies every aspect of your life and can drive you to do great things. Unfortunately, many people today are at a loss as to what their passion is, so they live their life merely trudging along, as opposed to truly living. Finding your purpose would unlock your passion because it would uncover the rawest version of yourself and drive you to realize   what it is that fires you up.


A lot of people waste their life and energy on things that do not truly matter. They work hard to payoff bills, save for retirement, for their children’s education, and for things that absolutely has to be taken care of. The problem is that’s not really living. There is more to life than surviving and a lot of people realize that, which is why they are miserable. Without finding your purpose, you will find all the toiling meaningless. However, when you do find your purpose, you will realize that your job is merely a tool to support your purpose and that you can still live a wonderful life.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to quit your day job just to pursue your purpose. Finding your purpose does not mean leaving everything behind and going on a pilgrimage. It is about making the most of what you have – be that family, friends, or a career in order to support yourself in the achievement of your purpose.


This is one of the best things about discovering your purpose. People who have a purpose know when not to take things too seriously. They have liberated themselves from the usual worries of everyday life. They understand their purpose and remain focused even with the pressure of unreasonable expectations. They enjoy life without even actively seeking out fun.


Just because people who have found their purpose do not let others’ expectations get to them does not mean that they have no goals. They do; they just know exactly the extent of their capabilities, and they know that they should focus their time, skills, resources, and energy on their purpose. They can make better decisions because they are guided by their purpose. They are more likely to achieve success because of that high level of focus and their enhanced decision making capabilities.



Those who have found their purpose tend to have better relationships. They have uncovered what they should be spending their time on, and most of the time, that includes their loved ones and their communities. They also tend to have a better connection with colleagues and neighbors. They are also more equipped to handle relationships.


There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t start on the journey of finding your purpose in life. Even having a busy schedule is not an excuse. The most productive people usually have a full schedule and are always opened to new challenges. When you understand the importance of not only discovering your purpose but also living it, you become clear on life making it much more enjoyable.

What Are You Passionate About?

What Are You Passionate About?

The word “passion” is thrown around so much that it has almost become a meaningless buzzword. That’s rather unfortunate because passion is one of the most important ingredients of living a life of purpose. More importantly, passion can make you feel truly alive.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling empty and not knowing what to do? Do you ever feel guilty about doing nothing worthwhile with your time? Do you find yourself disconnected from the world? If so, it could be that you just haven’t found your passion. Your passion will give your life its needed direction. It will give a different meaning to every waking day of your life.

The Three Crucial Steps To Finding Out What Drives You

While there are some people who already know what they are passionate about and only need a little push to pursue it, others still need to go through certain processes to find out just what it is that they are passionate about.


  1. Listen to your core.

The first thing that you ought to do is to take some time to talk to yourself. Think about how you feel and what you really think of things.

Forget about the part of yourself that always wants to fit in and belong to the crowd — that part of yourself who likes to please other people. Remember that when you get into that habit, you will almost certainly end up miserable. You have to live life according to what will make you happy.

Honor your core. Think about what you really want to do and not what you think you should do. After reconnecting with that part of yourself, it will be easier to find your passion.

  1. Experiment

Challenge yourself by trying out new things. Your passion may lie in the things, people, or activities that you have ignored or never tried before.

The thing is, your passion doesn’t always come with a loud label. You may need to actively seek it out. Doing nothing will not magically lead you to your passion. You may need to experiment. You may feel the beginnings of a fire stirring within you after reading, trying, seeing, or hearing something. Try to expose yourself to as many things as possible.  Join an outdoors guild if you want to see if mountaineering is for you. Watch a classic or an underrated movie if you want to see if your heart is in film-making. Look up forensic uploads on youtube if your interest is in the study of crime.

You can also get to know your artistic side. You never know, but you may have certain talents that are waiting to get discovered.

  • Play an instrument. This is a great way to relieve stress. There are a lot of tutorials that you can find online on how to play different musical instruments. You can also enroll in a music class or hire a coach.
  • Sign up for a stage play. Have you always feared the spotlight? This is the best time to conquer that fear. If you don’t have any experience in acting or don’t have the right connections, you can enroll in acting workshops. This type of activity usually ends with a live performance, which will give you the chance to perform in front of many people.
  • This kind of activity will help you learn more about yourself and what you are longing for. Whenever you have time, sit down and start writing about anything. It can be an essay, poem, short story or a novel. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You are doing this to feel good.
  • Paint or draw. Have you ever tried these activities now that you are an adult? It doesn’t matter whether you are good or not. You have to give it a try.


Pick up a new hobby or sport. You have to do something that will change your daily routine, while keeping your adrenaline running. You can try dancing or swimming. You can join marathon or enroll in a gym.  You can also practice yoga and meditation. Try to learn something new, which will give you fulfillment and satisfaction, such as cooking or baking.


  1. Ask yourself the right questions

Now, this part is a tough one. You have to be completely honest with your answers; otherwise, you will end up wasting your time. You also need to answer some questions without thinking too hard.

  • If your house is on fire, what will you save?

Your answer will help you determine the people, animals or things that you find valuable.

  • What do you like doing?

This will give you clues to the kinds of activities and things that you enjoy. Think about the things that you could do forever (and no, that doesn’t include binging on ice cream or the latest season of Game of Thrones). It has to be something on which you can use your skills and knowledge. It has to be something to which you believe you can make a contribution.

  • If you could do anything, what would it be?

For a moment, imagine that nothing is stopping you from doing anything – not your financial situation, or your obligations at work or to your family.

  • What are the things you feel strongly about?

Passion does not always have to be related to a hobby. A person can be passionate about a cause. Passion can also be brought to the surface because of pain. If you feel strongly about bullying, awareness about certain mental conditions, or providing support to certain groups of people, that could be your passion.

  • What has made you really happy in the past?

Think about the points in your life when you felt truly happy.


Keep in mind that just because you like something does not mean that you have found your passion though. Passion is more than mere “liking”. Truth be told, it defies strict definition. What is sure is that it transcends logic. Passion is something you are willing to be called a lunatic for.

Don’t worry about people thinking that you’re weird, or that you are wasting your time. Passion is not at all a waste; it will amplify the way you feel and sense things and make you feel more alive.

Success: What’s Your Formula?

Success: What’s Your Formula?


While there are a lot of factors that contribute to success, a good success formula is applicable to everyone, regardless of the goal. Here are the 4 essentials that contribute largely to success.

Goal Setting

Success is not a two-step formula wherein you simply work then get rewarded. Usually, success will be a rough road because you are going against the prescribed way of life. Moving from where you are now to where you want to be can take a few years; that is why it’s important that you have short term and long term goals ahead of you. Don’t try to achieve everything in one leap, for you have lessons to learn on your journey to success. You will inevitably fail, but you should still keep your eyes on the prize. You can start goal setting by writing a to-do list as well as a don’t-do list. If you can keep up with the small things, it’s more likely that you can follow your plans and short term goals.


Passion is the catalyst for success. If you don’t feel passionate about what you’re doing, your performance will be at the bare minimum. Passionate people lead. They do more than what is expected of them. They are confident about the value of their beliefs and their ability to pave the way. Passionate people are successful because they know their purpose. They don’t strive for perfection but they continue to act until their goals are realized. Your passion will also reflect on your identity. Money, a usual indicator for success, just flows along. Are you excited about what you’re doing? If not, you’re not passionate.


Service has a lot to do with success. Do you know the problems that are needs to be addressed? No matter how goal-oriented and passionate you are, if you cannot translate your actions into something that will benefit people, then your success will be limited or non-existent. Widen your awareness. Read the current trends about the industry you’re interested in. Know more about your customers and their culture. Don’t just focus on the things or events that you want to see. Don’t shun those that make you uncomfortable. You could perhaps derive a solution that will fit your passions well. In addition, be aware of your abilities and shortcomings. How will you work and position yourself given your strengths and weaknesses?


All your beliefs and ideals cannot be executed well if your health is not at its best. In a world where achieving so much within a short timeframe appears outstanding, it’s easy to sacrifice health. Manage your priorities well so you can get enough sleep. Sleep is, in fact, an underestimated ingredient for success. At first, not getting enough sleep won’t immediately directly affect your performance, but gradually, you’ll notice how sleep deprivation contributes to poor memory and communication, slow reaction time, mood swings, and fatigue. Studies also show that sleep-deprived people feel more pessimistic and depressed than those who are well-rested. If your sleep is always restricted to 4 hours every night, a 30-minute nap time in the middle of the day will help recharge you.